FY 2013 is almost to the end…..

Finally, audit committe & external reporting will have a Audit and Examination Committee to present the Group results and our draft financial statements on today 18.04.2013.

As Team Lead for AmB, i feel a bit relieve as this year closing is a bit smooth compared to previous two years. However there are an issue whereby i take it as mistake n lesson to take extra careful in future… so called day 1 adjustment.

Well, before i joined the company, i am friendly speaking that i am mostly in taxation background. so when it comes to accounting thingy, am bit not so well expert in that. but does not mean that im kinda of not willing to learn okay.

i take it as a challenge & willing to learn every single thing in daily job routine. When i started joined the Company, i have to asked to do n prepare deferred tax computation which never ever come accross in my mind to do that…. i thought the accounting people will do that or else, external auditor that we hired as our consultant expert.

Phew, this year end closing only 1-2 working days which i was stay back late. Back to home around 9-11pm. Every quarter of this financial year, we have a meeting with external reporting, group performance & performance planning together with our external auditor EY. believe it or not, we had discussed the same issue for about 3 quarter since 2nd Qtr….

When i preparing my work, i am a organized & details person. So that, i will prepare my workings to my level best. Its up to my superior who review my work understand what i’ve prepared. so far so good. no big issue, but why we are still discussing the same thing over n over again?

Am i understand alone? Well, work is never ending story… till then see ya! the picture is nothing to do with this post.. haha!Picture 1326


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