Mummy HeeDayahRahman went for free preview of Executive Diploma @ Universiti Malaya

Yesterday, 06.04.2013…. My baby turn 6 months old. Alhamdulillah… On that day alsomy wifey had attend free preview at Institut Pengajian Siswazah for Diploma Eksekutif. Yeah, u r still young my sayang, i & Ariq will support u to further study… 2 years not that long… InsyaAllah with the determination to enhance your personal development, you will achieve and upgrade yourself while being a full time employee & super mummy…
Well, AriqMirZafri be a limelight yesterday whereby all the staff over there, taking care of easy going Ariq…. He is so friendly with each of everybody there & i just looking at him… Good boy!
Thanks UM also, beside taking care of our boy, they provide refreshment……. Alhamdulillah 😉

Thereafter, after finish the business at UM, we went to The Sphere, Bangsar South nearby mummy’s office… We walk in to Klinik Mediviron, mummy’s panel clinic of the Company to ask n straight away take optional injection for Ariq.. Yes, he took 5th injection which is optional “nimokokal” spell it in malay… 1st dose….

Oh yes, after that i bring my both beloved one to my office… Well as my company just ended their financial year end, meaning to say that i am part of it…. There are lot unfinished business to settle because it going to be posted this coming Monday, 08.04.2013…. At least my 1st & 2nd reviewer had enough time to check my work thoroughly…

Completing my amendment work about 5pm plus, our stomach hungry…… We went to chunburi seafood corner @ kg baru…. to have our super late lunch so called early dinner… Long time ago about more than 1 year not coming over here…









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